from the idea to the serial supply

– everything from one source –


Do you have a project or an idea that you would like to realise? With PTC – Bausch Tooling on your side, you have a competent and reliable partner in planning, implementation and management, in order to pave the way to a successful completion of your undertaking!


Within the scope of initial discussions and notions, we launch the development of your project. In close collaboration, we concretise first conceptions concerning things like product design, batch sizes and logistic questions. PTC – Bausch Tooling flexibly reacts to short-term changes or special requests in order to optimally support you in the implementation of your project. With increasing ascertainment comes planning certainty, what is the reason for our expeditious and focused approach.


Subsequent to the planning stage the mould is designed and constructed according to your specifications and requirements or rather those of the product. As part of a moldflow analysis, we simulate the ideal product or tool design in a CAD program. Among other things, this enables the optimal determination of wall-fin ratios, positioning of injection points and cooling channels and thus the minimization of shrinkage and distortion. Overall this reduces correction loops and enables an efficient and cost-effective production of perfect tools and castings .


With the completion of the tool construction and the first sampling, we now proceed with the serial production of the castings. As an additional service PTC – Bausch Tooling offers module assembly, where the manufactured products are put together to sub- or system components. With modern machinery and skilled workers, we guarantee a smooth production process while maintainig quality and time management. Due to our company structure and conceptual design, in the sense of lean management, we are able to produce flexibly and cost-effectively.



Our internal quality department routinely performs dimensional conformance inspections, where random products are checked for dimensional accuracy. The produced castings are examined for their precision by means of a CNC measuring machine. In case of deviations, immediate measures are taken to always be within the permissible tolerance range.


PTC – Bausch Tooling conscientiously handles tasks ranging from material procurement, packaging and storage to the good’s delivery to the desired destination.


Coordinarion and continuous supervision of all tasks to be performed are decisive for a smooth process. A team of experienced and motivated managers from various fields is at your disposal to accompany you and successfully complete your project from idea conception to series delivery.


  • conceptioning and construction
  • maintenance and modification of injection moulds
  • module assembly
  • quality control
  • logistics
  • project management
  • ...









As part of our quality management and thus according to the ISO guidelines, we always strive for transparency and optimisation of our processes in order to reduce error rates and sustainably improve customer satisfaction.